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 There will be no Froxit!

Froggyspeak will keep one foot firmly anchored to the mainland and the other to the island. arose from work in U3A, The University of the Third Age. It is produced by Bernard in Dorset, UK and Patrick in Paris, France. It is a strictly not for profit tool for beginners and improvers to develop their use of written and spoken French and to complement and follow more formal learning French programmes

There are over 30 one page stories online and more to come. Everything is free to access and download. No advertising. No catches. The stories can all be copied in French and English onto a single A4 page, thus making them convenient for U3A and other group leaders. They are spoken by Patrick at slow and normal speeds. You can listen online or download and keep the mp3 sound file.


Read a story regularly. Emulate Patrick - aloud. This is most important. It will help you to develop an easy and authentic French pronunciation. Your vocabulary, speech and understanding of French will steadily improve.


Read and speak regularly. Start with "Le Cyclist" or "L 'accident" and continue at intervals to read and understand all of the stories. Always read aloud!


The programme can be used by individual students and by groups. It has proved especially popular and useful for U3A multilevel groups in UK, Australia and New Zealand and in many other countries including France, Canada, USA and South Africa.  


If necessary Bernard in Dorset and Patrick in Paris will provide advice and assistance on using the site and Bernard will share his experience in using the programme in a long running U3A group.

But in order for us to continue to maintain and improve the website we need your feedback! How is the site working for you?




Use and download for free.

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 quick access to the lessons

Learn French at your speed :

Le Cycliste and associated test

Le Chanteur

La Belle Conductrice

L'Agent Immobilier

Le Café du Port


Le Médecin Généraliste 

L'Agence Matrimoniale

Vacances Relaxantes

La Route pour Rouen

Les Nouvelles Lunettes

Les Ouvriers Invisibles

Le Meurtre !

Le Voleur

La Lutte

Le Beau Gendarme

Le Beau Gendarme - chapitre 2


Les Aventures d'Albert :

Albert 1 : L'Accident and associated test

Albert 2 : Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé après l'accident ?

Albert 3 : Le Voyage au Sud

Albert 4 : L'Arrestation

Albert 5 : Le Juge d'Instruction

Albert 6 : La Prison

Albert 7 : La Grande Evasion

Albert 8 : Où Irons-nous ?

Albert 9 : Le Butin

Albert 10 : Une Visite au Zoo

Albert 11 : Crise Cardiaque

Albert 12: Qu'est-ce qui est arrivé à la femme d'Albert ?

Albert 13: N'essayez pas ceci à la maison

Albert 14: Un Jour aux Courses

Albert 15: Un Dîner au Ritz

Albert 16: Les Pierres de Rosette

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Audio available at slow and normal speed



  • Here is the second chapter of "Le Beau Gendarme"


    If you enjoyed the first chapter of "Le Beau Gendarme", here is the second chapter ready for you!

    Le Beau gendarme - chapitre 2

  • Plays for group practice

     We've just added three Plays to the current stories for those wishing to implement an enjoyable way of learning via group practices.

    Just click on the following titles for a direct acces: Le café du port - L'Agent Immobilier - L'Agence Matrimoniale

    Have fun!


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    Quite Brilliant. P J M

    'What a wonderful website.' Dave

    Many thanks for offering to share "froggyspeak" - what a good idea! 

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